Deepin System Updates (2019.05.17)

Nieuwe iso beschikbaar ! deepin 15.10.1

* Fixed the bug that in some cases, the function that changing wallpaper when wakeup did not work;
* Fixed the issue that the window effect did not work for Nvidia m250 and GTX 1060 graphics cards;

* Fixed the bug that the other icon was selected after pressing ESC when right clicking on an app in launcher;

Control Center:
* Fixed the bug that there was still update notification after system update was completed;
* Fixed the bug that the connecting icons in Wi-Fi list were not center aligned;
* Fixed the bug that the old configuration was deleted if switching from non-custom mode to custom display;
* Note that to set the display scaling for wine applications, users should login again and set the display scaling to make the changes effective;

* Fixed the crash of login interface on the initial start;
* Fixed the bug that the password error message popped out when switching users;

dde-kwin (window manager):
* Removed the opacity effect when dragging the window;
* Removed the thumbnails in four corners while showing desktop;
* Fixed the bug that the other hidden windows were also shown if clicking or opening a window after showing desktop;
* Removed the context menu on window title bar;
* Added support for window preview on dock;
* Fixed the bug that the cursor did not change when dragging or resizing the window in kwin.

Deepin File Manager 4.8.4-1+comsta
* Fixed the issue that the dimension of desktop background and that of the screen did not match in some conditions;
* Removed the unnecessary gap between the folders when “Auto merge” was checked;
* The database files created by fast index and file tags in NTFS partition were set to be hidden, so that they would not be shown in Windows.

Deepin Screenshot 4.1.11-1+comsta
* Fixed the issue that the window cannot be selected if display scaling was set for the secondary monitor.

Deepin Voice Recorder 1.4.0-1+comsta
* Fixed the bug that there were two app icons in the sound list on dock tray in some cases.

Deepin Terminal
* Fixed the issue that in Quake mode, the terminal cannot get the focus again after losing it if using kwin;
* Added support for blur background in kwin;
* Added support for right clicking to open the selected relative path directly;
* Added support for moving the title bar to the bottom of the window(no UI settings with configuration file only);
* The “Open link” option was added in context menu.


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