Deepin System Updates (2019.07.05)

dde 15.10.2 (2019.07.01)
* Fixed: setting the background wallpaper of boot menu failed;
* Fixed: the random crash of Deepin Calendar;
* Fixed: the password field lost focus after authentication failed;
* Added: support simultaneous password and fingerprint verification;

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Deepin System Updates (2019.05.17)

Nieuwe iso beschikbaar ! deepin 15.10.1

* Fixed the bug that in some cases, the function that changing wallpaper when wakeup did not work;
* Fixed the issue that the window effect did not work for Nvidia m250 and GTX 1060 graphics cards;

* Fixed the bug that the other icon was selected after pressing ESC when right clicking on an app in launcher;

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Deepin System Updates (2019.04.02)

Na de Beta is er flink wat punten weer aangepakt. Hieronder een overzicht van verbeterpunten.

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